Character Bio's

Inky the
Loki the Dragonfly &
Zero the Damselfly
Hans the

The most illustrated of the Terrapin characters, Inky commutes between the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest and various suburban locales & city sites.  Inky gets his name from a nervous reaction that occurs when he experiences moments awkwardness.  His feet begin to perspire and leave behind black ink prints. 

An inquisitive and adventuresome bog bug, this dragonfly's curiosity often leads to behavior that may be perceived as "mischievous."  He lives in-and-round the cattails of Terrapin bog.  

Bright green and much smaller in size than dragonflies, Zero the damselfly, is a reserved airborne bug that also dwells among the cattails and other reeds of Terrapin bog. 

Followed the Oregon Trail out west from the Great Lakes area and scratched a new den in a Pacific Northwest forest.  Upon arrival he discovered and developed an insatiable fondness for morel mushrooms, a wild fungus native to the Cascade woodlands.

Elmo the
Red-Eared Slider
Bellybutton Raccoon
Horton the
Map Turtle

Elmo is one of  the original Terrapin characters and the first spokes-turtle for the company.  He continues to reside with the cartoonist as a personal consultant and model.  He is named after blues musician  and slide guitarist,  Elmore James.   

 A playful young raccoon wide-eyed and silly.  He wants to grow-up to be a pilot or better yet , learn to fly himself.  In the meanwhile, he's content to tote around his pet bumblebee, Spyral.   

Spokes-turtle for the 1999 Terrapin logo, Horton's big break came in the spring as that  famous bunny took ill and he bravely stepped in as  the "Temporary Easter Bunny."  Though all eggs were eventually delivered, some were a little harder on  the nose than others. 

Onyx  the Indian-Flap Shell Turtle Quincy the
Tory the
Canada Goose

New to the Terrapin family, Onyx became the spokes-turtle for  the year 2000 after a lengthy international search.  It was his uncanny yodeling ability in the talent competition that secured his victory.   

A frequent visitor to backyards everywhere, Quincy begins his day at twilight with the onset of the stars and rising  moon.  He prefers dill rye bread as a snack,  though slugs and worms are  tasty, too.  In the cooler months he can often be found warming his "toukis" on the mulch pile just beyond the cedars

Currently studying for finals in Toronto, Canada.  




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